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10 Amazing Lost Treasures Waiting to be Rediscovered - Urban Ghosts Media


Over the years, a few especially crazy treasure hunters have emerged, busting up concrete and burning down a chapel in the pursuit of the golden owl... At the time the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression, and with the value of the dollar about to plunge, he expected the price of gold to ...
6 Legendary Lost Treasures That Are Still Up for Grabs. 6. The Sunken Spanish Treasure Fleet (Florida, USA).. On his website, Fenn continues to release more clues for the thousands of avid treasure hunters who follow him, such as "The treasure is not in an outhouse" (people surnamed Brown were ...
This is an incomplete list of notable treasures that are currently lost or missing. Name, Existence, Year lost, Image, Description. Menorah from the Second Temple, Confirmed-, 191 !191, Carrying off the Menorah from the Temple in Jerusalem depicted on a frieze on the Arch. Menorah from the Temple in Jerusalem depicted ...

7 Places There's Still Buried Treasure

Tales of Lost Treasure in the United States plus general articles for treasure hunters.
Sometimes our world seems bland in comparison to what we read in books and see in movies and television. Where are our chances at adventure, fame, and fortune? Well, here are 12 real-life treasure hunts — some of which have never been solved!
THROUGHOUT history treasure hunters have searched for precious lost riches such as the Lake Toplitz gold and Forest Fenn's treasure.. They believed that the US Government would devalue the dollar because of the depression, which would send gold prices skyrocketing. Their prediction came true, ...
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8 places to find real buried treasure | MNN - Mother Nature Network


Everyone wants to find a hidden treasure. Just imagine walking around in the woods and stumbling across a treasure chest of money. Pirates. 9 Treasure At Little Bighorn. big-horn-river. For many Americans in the late 1800s, traveling west and striking it rich by finding gold didn't seem like an absurd idea.
Pirates, sea battles, treasure chests, secret tunnels, old maps...any mention of the word "treasure" is bound to set our imaginations on fire. And though...

starburst-pokie7 Mysterious Treasures the World Is Still Looking For

7 Undiscovered Treasures Hiding In Pennsylvania

6 Lost Treasures Just Waiting To Be Found. By the time he was 33, Dutch had taken on the Mafia in numerous gangland wars, fought the U.S. government twice on tax evasion charges, and amassed a fortune thanks to his.. Tell us about your treasure-hunting experiences in the comments below.
What is difficult is understanding exactly what the clues in Forrest Fenn's Poem are and how they direct a searcher to the lost treasure. To date, no one.. Hidden over 30 years ago, 12 hidden ceramic casks of the Secret treasure hunt were buried throughout North America (Canada is known to have one).

Unsolved treasure hunts in americacasinobonus

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Last month we told you about people who.
If you haven't found your own copy of the Declaration of Independence or a few thousand Ancient Roman coins, let me give you a push in the right direction with these tales of lost treasures that are just waiting for you to find them.
Arthur Flegenheimer, who went by the alias "Dutch Schultz," was a New York mobster during the 1920s and '30s known for his brutality and hard-nosed business tactics.
By the time he was 33, Dutch had taken on the Mafia in numerous gangland wars, fought the U.
As his second tax evasion trial began to take a turn for the worse, it appeared Schultz might be looking at jail time.
The only other person who knew where the safe was buried was the bodyguard who helped him dig the hole.
Shortly after, both men were gunned down by hitmen inside the Palace Chophouse Restaurant in Newark, New Jersey.
On his deathbed, Schultz began hallucinating and rambling after the rusty bullets used by the assassins caused an infection.
A court stenographer was brought in to record his statements and some believe his incoherent references to something hidden in the woods in Phoenicia, New York, might be a clue to the location of his buried loot.
Of course the meaning of his words is cryptic and not 100% reliable, but that hasn't stopped hundreds of people from looking.
So far, though, Dutch's safe has not been found.
A Famous Poet and You Didn't Know It Before Edgar Allan Poe was Edgar Allen Poe, he was just another struggling writer who couldn't catch a break.
In 1827, he hired Calvin F.
Thomas to publish 50 copies of his manuscript, Tamerlane and Other Poems, in the hopes that it would kick-start his career.
Unfortunately, Tamerlane received no critical consideration at the time and has only received middling reviews sinceso Poe's rise to unsolved treasure hunts in america would have to wait until he published The Raven nearly 20 years later in 1845.
Because the book had such a small, first editions have become one of the most sought after pieces in American literature.
In all, only 12 copies are known to still exist, mostly held by libraries and museums.
But there could easily be more that have gone unnoticed, because, for reasons unknown, Poe's name does not appear unsolved treasure hunts in america the author of the book; it is only attributed to "A Bostonian.
While yes, a dime could once buy you a phone call or a cup of coffee, today most people probably wouldn't even bother to pick one up if they saw it lying on the ground.
But what if you found a few thousand dimes sitting around?
And what if those dimes were over 100 years old?
A wagon train left Denver in 1907 carrying six large barrels filled with newly-minted "Barber" dimes, nicknamed after Charles Barber, the designer of the coin.
The dimes were being delivered to Phoenix, Arizona, some 900 miles away, but the shipment never arrived.
One theory is that the wagon train was attacked by bandits and, despite their armed escort, were unable to fend off the attack.
Others believe the party might have plummeted hundreds of feet to the bottom of Colorado's Black Canyon while navigating the treacherous mountain trails.
All that can be said for sure is that neither the coins, nor the men carrying them, were ever seen again.
Assuming the barrels weren't destroyed and the coins haven't been exposed to the elements all this time, these missing coins should be fairly flawless.
With that kind of dough, you could make an awful lot of phone calls.
Morriss' Code In 1820, a mysterious stranger left a locked iron box with Robert Morriss, an innkeeper in Bedford County, Virginia.
The stranger, who went by the name Thomas Jefferson Beale, said that a man would be coming to retrieve the box some time in the next ten years.
However, if no one ever came, Morriss could keep the box and the contents inside.
But what was inside the box?
Beale reluctantly revealed that there were three pages covered in numbers.
These "ciphertexts" were coded messages that could only be read by using corresponding documents as a key.
Beale promised to send the three keys to Morriss when he arrived in St.
Louis, so that, should the box become Morriss', he could decipher the messages and learn the location of a treasure Beale had buried nearby.
Twenty years later, no one had ever come for the box, nor had Morriss received any key documents from St.
He went ahead and opened the box, and spent the rest of his life trying to decode the pages to no avail.
After his death, Morriss left the box to a friend, who, surprisingly, was able to decipher the second page using a particular copy of the Declaration of Independence.
The page described the treasure itself—2900 pounds of gold, 5100 pounds of silver, and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.
The message then went on to say that the exact location of the treasure was found on the first page, so you would have to decode it to find the loot.
The first and third pages have never been deciphered, despite people working on it for nearly 175 years.
All of the pages are available online the first page is pictured aboveso you can try your hand at deciphering them yourself.
But if you find the Beale treasure, you better give me a cut for pointing where did jack black learn to sing in the right direction.
A Blockbuster of a Poster The film Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang, is considered a classic of the silent film era.
However, upon its initial release in 1927, it was not well-received, even in its native Germany.
Some critics said the story was boring, the acting was terrible, and the special effects were a joke.
In America, its reception was even worse when 40 minutes of the film were cut to accommodate the 90-minute running time preferred by theater owners.
The resulting film was nearly incomprehensible.
Because the movie was not a blockbuster, surviving promotional items from the film's release are 21 black jack pelicula espaГ±ol latino rare.
Perhaps the most famous of these rarities are the posters, called "one-sheets," which hung in theaters while the film was showing and torn down and thrown away soon after.
But here's the kicker: there are no known surviving posters from the film's American release.
No one is even sure what the American poster looked like.
It could have resembled the German one-sheet, which features Maria, a stylized female robot, and a beautiful Art Deco cityscape above her.
But there were also different designs for France and Hungary, so it's possible the American version could have been based on those, too.
Crack the Case unsolved treasure hunts in america the Lost Fabergé Eggs Fabergé Eggs have long been seen as beautiful examples of excess wealth.
Between 1885 and 1917, 109 unique egg sculptures were fashioned out of solid gold and precious gems for some of the richest families in Europe and Asia.
Of that number, 54 were "Imperial Eggs" created exclusively for the Russian Imperial Family.
During the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, most of the Imperial Eggs were confiscated by the new government and moved to the Kremlin Armory to be cataloged and stored.
By the time Joseph Stalin decided to begin selling them in 1927, a handful of eggs had disappeared from the inventory.
More went missing as they were sold to private collectors, who usually insisted upon anonymity.
In all, eight of the 54 Imperial Eggs are currently considered lost.
It's theorized that, thanks to the anonymous nature of many of the sales, the true pedigree of the lost eggs was forgotten as they've been passed down as heirlooms.
So it's very likely that some oblivious person could have received a Fabergé Egg in their Great-Great-Great Aunt Ruth's will and not even known it.
Finding one these lost Eggs would make you an instant multi-millionaire.
In 2007, a Fabergé Egg, which was also a precision clock once owned by the Rothschilds, sold for £8.
And these two Click at this page hadn't been missing for 90 years.
The publicity alone for finding one of the lost Imperial Eggs would elevate the final price to an astounding level.
read article you're searching for a rare comic book or record album.
Tell us about your treasure-hunting experiences in the comments below.
For more than 20 years, Newark, Black forest cooking online, has been home to what is likely the world's biggest picnic basket.
Unfortunately, not many other businesses want to work inside a picnic basket.
The Longaberger Company has been trying to offload the office buildingwith few bites.
Now, finally, someone has agreed to buy the building—towering handles and all.
At long last, someone bought the building in late 2017, to Columbus Business First.
Sadly, the oddly shaped building won't be going to a company that makes blankets or light snacks appropriate for eating on grassy lawns.
Coon Restoration owner Steve Coon has yet to reveal what he plans to do with the building, but he has said that he plans to renovate it, to turn it into a mixed-use office building or a hotel.
To get a better idea of what it takes to protect others, Mental Speaking, what is a black card credit limit apologise spoke with several veteran security experts.
When working crowd control or trying to corral legions of screaming teenagers, having a massive physical presence comes in handy.
But not all "close protection specialists" need to be the size of a professional wrestler.
According to Kent Moyer, president and CEO of and a former bodyguard for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, resorting to gunplay means the security expert has pretty much already failed.
The goal is no use of force.
If I draw a gun, I failed.
For protection specialists who take on celebrity clients, news and gossip site TMZ.
You stay to yourself, make your rounds.
Firms will sometimes get calls from people looking for a way to get noticed by hiring a fleet of guards when there's no threat involved.
I turn those down.
We do real protection.
Kalaydjian recalls the one time he smirked during a 12-year-stint guarding the same client, something unsolved treasure hunts in america rare his employer commented on it.
For fans, it can provide an interesting perspective into their routine.
Once the show is over, they no longer have it, or start getting the minimum.
Moyer prefers executive protection agents, because, he says, bodyguard tends to unsolved treasure hunts in america a negative connotation of big, unskilled men.
Moyer and other firms have specialized training courses, with Moyer's taking cues from protocols.
But Moyer also cautions that agencies enlisting hyper-driven combat specialists like Navy SEALs or SWAT team members aren't the answer, either.
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Top Ten Armchair Treasure Hunts and Their Lost Treasures to Find – Mysterious Writings

7 Undiscovered Treasures Hiding In Pennsylvania

Most people have heard the story of El Dorado, a city full of gold lost somewhere in the rainforests of South America. In fact, El Dorado is actually a.. greatest lost treasures. “There have been repeated claims in the media by treasure hunters that they have discovered the location of the hidden Amber room.
For more than 220 years, dedicated treasure hunters have sought to unlock the mystery of Oak Island, located off the southern coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Though it's unclear exactly what they're looking for (Pirate gold? Shakespeare's lost manuscripts? A sunken Viking ship?), some have paid the ...
People love a good mystery, even moreso when treasure's involved.
Browse hundreds of treasure tales and thousands of references. Treasure research website. Free email newsletters. Forums, prizes, links. Info on treasure hunting, metal detecting, buried treasure, shipwrecks, ghost towns, prospecting, lost mines, coinshooting.


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