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... Spanish · Swedish · Thai · Turkish · Ukrainian · Vietnamese. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. There aren't any definitions tagged with #fishscale yet. Can you add them? Define it! Random Word. © 1999-2018 Urban Dictionary ® advertise terms of service · privacy dmca remove help. © 1999-2018 Urban Dictionary ® advertise terms of service
The rigid plates on the skin of a fish. Fishscale, an album by Ghostface Killah. A slang term for high-quality cocaine.. A fish scale, a type of often hand-held hanging spring scale with a fisherman hangs a caught fish on to measure its weight.
Fish-Scale refers to the apperance of the coke - shiney layers that flake away, like, well, scales on a fish .. it looks this way as it's (usually) very pure, not cut or re-rocked... All the fishscale I've ever had that was of exceptionally good quality also had another unique physical feature to it.

Cocaine Dealers

Most cocaine these days is cut to hell and back as we all know. However, a certain monkey has found himself some pure. He lives in an area where a lot...
Fishscale is a term that refers to the shine of coke. Blow right off the brick will have a shiney, glistening, glittery, oil, reflective look to it. It is reminscent of a "fishes scales." It is an observable quality of cocaine. It is either fishscale or not. Every wrapped brick i've seen that broken in half will have this shine.
opium firewater - GBL-containing product firewood - Marijuana first line - Morphine fish scales - Crack Cocaine five c note - $500 bill five cent bag - $5 worth of drugs five dollar bag - $50 worth of drugs five-way - Combines snorting of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ground up flunitrazepam pills, and drinking ...
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fish scale - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish Dictionary


Devil; Devil Smoke; Dice; Dime Special; Dirty Basing; Dirty Fentanyl (mixed with fentanyl); Double Yoke;. Durin; Eastside Player; Egg; Eye Opener; Famous Dimes; Fat Bags; Fifty-One; Fish Scales; Freebase; French. Fries; Garbage Rock; Geek; Glo; Gold; Golf Ball; Gravel; Great White Hope; Grit; Groceries; Hail; Hamburger.
FISH SCALES - crack. FIVES - amphetamine. FIX - injecting drugs. FIXING - injecting drugs. FIXED - under influence of drug. FIZZIES - methadone. FLAG - appearance of blood in the vein. FLAKE - cocaine. FLAKE OUT - lose consciousness. FLAME COOKING - smoking cocaine base by putting the pipe ...

starburst-pokieFISH SCALE – misterrobinsonsthought

fish scale - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish Dictionary

Slang for fish scale. As you've probably noticed, the slang synonyms for "fish scale" are listed above. According to the algorithm behind Urban Thesaurus, the top 5 slang words for "fish scale" are: kanye west, scale, bms, escama, and michael phelps. There are 1269 other synonyms or words related to fish scale listed above ...
Can anyone explain the meaning of triple beam and fish scale?? I hear these terminologies often but don't know the meaning. Are there any words you.

Slang fish scalecasinobonus

What's in a name any way?
Burbot is only one of numerous names this cold-water species from the cod family goes by.
Burbot can be found in most Minnesota northern lakes and rivers, including Lake Superior, but can also be found in small numbers in the prairie regions and parts of the lower Mississippi.
They are good indicators of a healthy watershed.
Typically they require water temps lower than 70 degrees during the summer and are a rare catch, but come winter-time, these predators come alive and are most active.
Identification The burbot coloration varies from yellow-brown to brown or even dark olive with black mottling and blotching, giving it almost a camouflage appearance.
Burbot resembles an eel more than other freshwater fish.
Its scales are small, the skin has a slimy feel and this bottom hugger has slang fish scale chin barbel with tubular nostrils similar to catfish, for detecting food.
This dragon download dance video fish can live up to the ripe old age of 15 and the Minnesota state record is 19 lbs.
These fish can weigh over 60 lbs in other areas of the world.
link in Minnesota, they are under 8 lbs.
Handling Burbot can be handled by placing a firm grip just behind the head.
Their teeth are much like largemouth bass, like rough sandpaper.
Food They eat mostly other fish such as small yellow perch and walleyes, but also consume fish slang fish scale, clams, crayfish, mayfly larvae and other aquatic insects.
Reproduction The spawning season for this unique fish is very unusual.
It spawns during mid-winter into early spring, before the ice is off the lake or river.
Reproduction occurs in pairs or sometimes in groups of dozens or even in the hundreds, slang fish scale shallow water over sand or gravel bottoms.
There is no nest built and no care for the eggs or newly hatched young.
After the release of eggs and sperm the fish thrash about scattering the eggs, which later fall to the bottom.
A single female can lay as many as 1 million eggs depending on her size.
The embryos develop for 4 to 5 weeks in slang fish scale cold water and hatch at the tiny size of.
Predators Young burbots are common prey for many fish, such as smallmouth bass, yellow perch, smelt, lake trout and muskie.
Folks who cut the line not knowing that baked with a little butter, salt read article pepper, miss out on a delicacy served in many households.
They are especially active during low light conditions during the winter months.
Tip-ups or walleye style jigging slang fish scale, spooled with 4 to 8 lb line will provide the necessary gear needed to land these unique creatures.
Your bait of choice can be just about any minnows, locating the bait within inches of a deep muddy river- or lake-bottom like the mud flats in Lake Mille Lacs.
Keep a slang fish scale eye on your line; Burbot have very sensitive bite.
Burbot do not have special conservation status in Minnesota and are not actively managed, so fish away and enjoy another special offering from the lakes of Minnesota.

Fishscale Freestyles: Street Slang Musik(unreleased)

escama de pescado > fish scale cocaine

Ghost’s World | The New Yorker

The kids out here don't know a flake from a fish — if you asked them what fishscale is, they wouldn't know. [Fishscale is high-grade cocaine powder with few rock-like chunks.] — Terry wшiams, ne cocaine Kids, p. 41, 1989 fish scales noun cocaine us, 2002 • The wiretaps recorded a primer of street slang for powder.
The kids out here don't know a flake from a fish – if you asked them what fishscale is, they wouldn't know. [Fishscale is high-grade cocaine powder with few rock-like chunks.] — Terry Williams, The Cocaine Kids 1989 five and dime noun in poker, a hand with a five and a ten and three other unpaired cards in between US,.
281, 2003 fish scales noun cocaine US • The wiretaps recorded a primer of street slang for powder cocaine: white lady, white fingers, soft, fish scales and sand. — Orlando Sentinel, p. B2, 17 August 2002 fishskin noun a condom US, 1936 • In my memory the image of him standing by the car and holding up that transparent.
No, there is a real cocaine that's called fishscale. I read this too when I got the script and I was like, 'oh shit, these motherfuckers is going deep.' Then Ghostface named his album 'Fishscale' because when we was growing up the Colombians had fishscale — it was best cocaine you could buy. If you got fishscale you.


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